Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My new blog! Woohoo!

Well I've finally done it! After years of posting my blogs on myspace I finally decided to upgrade to the real deal! Welcome to my official blogspot!

Here's what you can expect on this blog: total honesty. It's one of my curses...oops, I mean best characteristics. I'm afraid I'm just not very good at hiding the truth. I've often been asked in interviews if it is difficult talking about certain things so publicly. I mean, let's face it. It's not too often that you'll hear a Christian recording artist confess to having questions about prayer, feeling lonely as a single woman, or fighting a 20-plus year food addiction. But here is what I have learned since being in the limelight: there are a lot of people on this journey with me. They have questions just like I do. I think there are enough people wearing masks and pretending they have it all together. As far as weight is concerned, the last thing I wanna see is some stick thin girl on Oprah telling me how great she feels now that she's lost the 15 lbs. and giving me the secret to her success. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't turn down in invitation to Oprah (call me girl!), but I have a whole lot more to lose than 15 lbs. And I figure that we can do it together. Are you with me?

I have to confess, I was partially inspired to create this blog after returning home a few hours ago from the movie theater where I saw "Julie & Julia". Excellent movie! Best I've seen in a long time! (I only deduct points for a handful of language including one F-bomb. There are also a couple of sensual innuendos but nowhere near what many movies tend to celebrate). And I am willing to go on record by saying that Meryl Streep is perhaps the best living actress in the world. I laughed. I cried. I left hungry.

So thanks for swinging by! I invite you to join in on the fun! I love hearing from you. Talk to you soon!



  1. YAY! I'm so excited! I loved your blogs on myspace and very happy you've decided to continue over here. I'm also a blogger, I'll be writing mainly about my year of service as a member of the Mercy Volunteer Corps. I miss ya Mandisa!!! I love ya, too, and always remember I'm on this journey with you!

  2. I really want to see that movie!! Welcome to blogworld, Mandisa, it is a great place to be. :)

    Girl, you rock--loved seeing you at Women of Faith, St. Louis.

  3. I was BLOWN away by Meryl Streep's awesomeness. She is truly the best actress ever in the history of all actingdom. And I just loved the zest and joy for life Julia Child had. So inspiring. It was a happy movie to watch.

    And welcome to the life of a blogger!

  4. I am so excited to see this blog!!!! I follow you on twitter, but 140 charachters just are NOT enough!!!

    And, girl, I have more than 15 pounds to go too ... I'll walk the journey with ya - PROUDLY!


  5. Woo Hoo! I am so psyched! I have been blogging for about a year and love all of the people that I have "connected" with and learn from each and everyday! I am going to add your blog to my bloglist. Feel free to stop by..don't forget to comment. You would be my first celebrity to visit!!!! :) Lana

  6. Mandisa, you are inspiration to every woman =) Kudo's to you for following your heart and speaking your mind! It's refreshing !!

  7. Disa
    I am so happy you decided to start blogging.... You are amazing... I love your tweets and just know this will be awesome. Thanks for being REAL and TRANSPARENT... that is a true Woman of God.

  8. Mandisa, I'm excited about your new blog!! I follow you on Twitter and find your tweets to be uplifting, funny and sometimes just what I need to hear. Your "Thankful Thursday" tweets are the best! It will be great to read long messages from you as well.
    God Bless!

  9. Yay!! I'm so excited about your new blog! I'm also excited about seeing that movie. If it inspired you to start a blog... maybe it'll inspire me to keep up with mine!

  10. I find the blogging world is very new to me. I follow you on Twitter. I love Twitter. Just to be albe to see that the people in the celeb world are real people to. Very refreshing to me.

    I have never really Twitted before the same with blogging. But, to see you out there and being the brave & awsome person you are. I might start one up.

    The food thing, you are not the only one. Just a few months ago I fould out that I have Diabetes and have a LOT of wieght to loss. Which is harder for a 44 year old woman that is addicted to sweets. But anyway - Kotos to you and how do you do it and keep on going? You are so uplifting in this blog and on your twitters. You are truely a gift from God. You are a breath of fresh air in this world and I would like to thank you for being you and not let this world tear you down.
    Love from a fan
    Nova Scotia, Canada

  11. Amen! I agree, God gave Meryl a wonderful blessing. And I cannot wait to see the movie myself.

    Thanks for starting this blog...I have one too, it's my prayer blog..and prayer list blog...it hasn't took off yet, though I continue to pray it will. I should probably be more consistant with it, huh?

    Anyway, from Houston...thank you! I love when you are on KSBJ...Mike & Susan love you and so does the rest of this wonderful city.

    Maybe you'll check out my blog...post something there too...really want to get it off the ground, maybe folks will utilize it, adding to prayer list, (so everyone can pray for the need) or share biblical wisdom. That is one thing I really could use!! Anyway...Blessing...http://www.blogger.com/profile/07268433990909539154

  12. hahaha! the blog bug bit you! You are an inspiring lady. God bless you everyday!

  13. Can't wait to get to know you in more than 140 characters! I have found following you and the Porch pals and a few others SO happy-making! Can't wait for WOF Dallas next week!

    Stop by my blog anytime - I'll be perusing yours often! Also - I use twitterfeed - it checks my blog periodically and posts the title and link of new posts to twitter...

  14. right on Mandisa..! Luv following you on Twitter.. sometimes your tweets make me laugh so hard/esp w/the twitpics.. very creative.. appreciate the insights & recently when Twitter was attacked, my "ghetto fabulous" windows based cell phone couldn't handle the slowness & dang.. I was seriously missing reading my tweeps tweets!! haha.. gotta luv the terminology.. I am also a blogger, but lately have had a dry spell on what to write.. but that's ok ;-)
    Bless you dear.. oh, I DO have your album too.. LUV IT!

  15. Mandisa.
    Read this over and over... Just amazing.... Not too many people in your position want to be Honest and True about feelings... Lets the rest of us.. feel like we arent alone with our feelings.. Thanks so much.... Always remember Spunky---your 2nd biggest fan Loves you..... Holly

  16. can't wait to enjoy the blogging journey with you.

    Total honesty is lacking in our world - thanks for being willing to be honest, even when it's painful and hard!

  17. So delighted to have you in the blog world! Your honesty is what makes you so special. Keep it up, girl! There's a hurting world who needs to hear what Jesus has done and is doing in you!

  18. Hey Disa! How are you? I am glad that you started your blog. I have been blogging off and on for a few years (Deleting them and starting over). So the movie was good?! That is great, I have been wanting to see it. I have been following you on twitter and watching the videos on tangle and youtube. I think the fact that you have maintained your spirit and love for God is wonderful and very honorable. Your tweets are really inspiring and I always see them at the right time. Thanks for that and keep up the good work!

    Always a fan,

  19. Wasn't that the best movie? I thought Meryl Streep did a fabulous job and I left feeling hungry too. LOL I cannot wait to read your blog posts and gather more motvation and inspiration from you on this journey. I started the journey in January and I have lost 38 lbs and have a love-hate relationship with my trainer. I hate seeing her somedays but love what she is helping me to accomplish. LOL Hope all is well!

    Your friend,
    Margie Brown aka Maggot :)

  20. First I must say, welcome to the blogger world :) I started a blog in March of this year to journal my life and my sons lives, its very addictive at times :), but I have meet so many wonderful woman of God along the way!...
    Now I must say, I am a huge fan of yours. I love you music and your heart for God! So glad you have a blog here now and I will be an avid follower. God Bless you in all you are doing!

  21. and I forgot to mention... I am with you on the loosing weight... right there with ya girl! Started a few months ago, and its so so hard... I'm praying for you, if you think of me, pray for me as well :) Bless you!

  22. Mandisa! You're gifted, girl! God bless! Just wanted to show you some love! Now I really want to see the movie too!

  23. Hey doll!! Looking forward to reading your thoughts and all God is continuing to do in you. Sure miss you and am looking forward to another afternoon of catching up (one of these days). Love you! A. Eby

  24. You have just MADE. MY. DAY. by starting a blog! I don't know if you remember or not, but a little birdie sent you to my blog (where you left my all-time favorite comment) about a year ago b/c you are my pretend BFF, and I triple adore you. :) You even have your own link on my sidebar.

    Trying to talk my bald-goateed hubby into the KLove cruise! :)

    Looking forward to reading what God is doing in your life and heart.

  25. Welcome to blogland! I follow you on Twitter and love reading all your "tweets" - mostly the ones about your trainer! Loved the pic of the big ball. Those things scare me!

  26. YAY Im so excited! I follow you on twitter and I look forward to reading your tweets everyday! :) Can I say something about you being single and lonely?... Im right there with you girl! All my friends are married with kids. I understand what you are going through! But God's plan is better. You know that, why am I telling you?
    I love you Mandisa! Thank you soo much for being you.
    We met at the Dallas women of faith conference, thank you for being so kind it really meant alot to me!
    ~ Traci (twitter: tater1212)

  27. Mandisa; God is always on time! I just saw you on the James Robison Show from Texes yesterday where you promoted your book and new cd. I am in the process of wiring my testimony which also deals with childhood issues and the "symptoms" left over which I strive to loose, that I learned as coping skills in order to survive the abuse.

    Jesus met me where I was as a young girl and I was "reborn" in a Christian Foster Home. Yet released back to the abusive family, I often wondered why I had to go on to suffer. I later came back to Jesus and reclaimed my position in His Kingdom !!! Today, as I write my testimony, you have given me added strength in God to share my background. For it is written... through the "BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY" that we shall share the gospel to others... But for the grace of God..there go I..
    Mandisa.. I have alot of respect for you in discussing the wounds, I know how hard the therapy is and to identify that to the church when others want us to look perfect, show grace and humility.
    "I know that I must heal from the inside out for the Joy of the Lord is my Strength" God Bless Anida D., Oshawa, Ontario Canada