Monday, October 4, 2010

Matthew West - The Story of Your Life

Last night I attended Matthew West's "The Story of Your Life" tour in Murfreesboro, TN. I've known Matty for about 3 years. We had the same management and began writing songs together (if you have my albums he wrote on Only the World, Voice of a Savior, Freedom Song, Not Guilty, Christmas Makes Me Cry, and more). I tease that when we write together he transforms from a White boy to a Black woman so he deserved a "Black girl name": Matthwesta!

When Matthew first told me about what he was doing for his new album I knew God was going to use it in a big way. Boy was I right! After seeing his tour last night and listening to his new album "The Story of Your Life", I just HAD to tell you about how amazing it is!

Matthew asked people to send him their stories. Thousands came in from all over the world and he spent 2 months in a cabin turning these stories into songs. The result is one of the most moving, personal, powerful albums I've ever heard in my life. I believe that everyone will be able to identify with these songs. A teenage boy being picked on in school, a grown woman coming to terms with the sexual abuse from her childhood, a family changed by the blessing of adoption...all wrapped up into songs of grace, honesty, and hope. I firmly believe that God will use these songs to tear down strongholds, usher in seasons of change, and restore hope to those who have almost given up.

But beyond getting the CD (which releases tomorrow October 5), if Matthew is coming to a town near you it is so worth seeing the live concert. First of all, Jonny Diaz, whose sings the all-important song for any woman, "More Beautiful You", kicks off the tour with touching songs and great humor! He is followed by Josh Wilson who does something on that stage that I can't even begin to describe. He's a brilliant songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and performer. Just trust me, he's phenomenal (and his song "Savior, Please" is one of my absolute favorites of all time). Then Matty takes the stage with a string of his hits that we all know and love: "The Motions", "Only Grace", "You Are Everything", the crowd worshiping and singing every word with him.

During the second half of the concert Matthew takes us inside his cabin and shares the stories and songs that make up "The Story of Your Life". By the end of the night I felt challenged, hopeful, and thankful I was able to experience such a creative expression of God.

You can find tour dates & locations, get the stories, photos, and videos behind the songs, and order a copy of the album here! I encourage you to do so!


P.S. When you get the album I'd love to hear about what you think! Currently, my favorites are "Strong Enough" and "Broken Girl"...I personally identify the most with them.